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Ideal for an individual looking to have a more permanent location to call their own. Whether you need a quiet professional place to work or are looking to grow your business, Seedworks is the place to be.

6 month & 12 month contracts available.

7 Days a Week


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Community Staff On-site

graphic image of a community support staff with a head set on
graphic image of a computer monitor and a coffee beside it

Dedicated Desk & Lockable Filing Cabinet

graphic image of a lit lightbulb

Utilities (Hydro, A/C, Heat)

Hi-Speed Wi-Fi

graphic design of a wi-fi signal
graphic image of an empty text bubble

Exclusive Member Events & Workshops

COVID-19 Protocols

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graphic image of a rain/liquid/water droplet

FREE Coffee, Tea & Water 

Boardroom Access

10 hours/month FREE

$15/hr after

graphic design of a group of 3 from the waist up

Telephone Line 


graphic image of a cellphone

Shower & Locker

graphic image of a rain cloud pouring rain
graphic image of a bag of money

25% Discount for Event & Space Rentals

graphic image of a paper with a capital A in the center

Print/Copy Station Access 

B&W ($0.05/copy)

Colour ($0.10/copy)

graphic image of a letter and opened envelope

Business Mailing Address & Mailbox

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