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Monthly Motivation: 5 ways to create a productive workspace

1. Declutter your workspace

It is just that easy. In order to stay creative, focused, productive and efficient, it is important to stay organized. Utilizing file organizers, filing cabinets, organizational shelves and trays can make a difference. This will keep your desk clean of papers, gadgets and books which will allow for creativity to flow.

2. Create to-do lists

A to-do list is a simple task that can aid in becoming more effective. Start slow, each morning either write or keep an electronic list of what needs to be done for the day. This will not only keep you organized but this will lead to higher productivity.

3. Get a plant

No, seriously. Plants can help liven up the space. Studies have shown that more greenery can help creativity, positivity and reduce stress. If you do not have a green thumb, maybe invest in a fake plant.

4. Get personal

Personalizing your space, in moderation can increase your connection to your work. Framed photos, small artwork or anything that helps make your desk more visually appealing to you. It is important that these items do not take up valuable real estate or become clutter.

5. Make comfortable

Make sure you are investing in yourself. You spend quite a bit of time at your desk. Which is why it is important to be comfortable, pick a comfortable chair that supports your back and make sure your computer settings are not hurting your eyes.

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