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Why Cowork?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021


Many of you viewing our website or learning about Seedworks are probably wondering what coworking is. Although you may have googled it or read through our website, we can explain it for you. Coworking has become a popular alternative to traditional offices, it is when individuals among all industries and business sizes share an office space and amenities. Why is it so popular you may ask? Let me break it down for you.

1. It is a Quiet Professional Space

For many individuals this can be hard to come by. An at-home office may seem like a dream to most, you don't have to leave your house, you can hangout with your pets, no commute, and you can stay in your comfy clothes. But in reality, at-home offices can come with many distractions. Barking dogs, screaming kids and thinking about the chores you need to complete. When you cowork, you can swap these distractions for a quiet place where creativity flows.

2. Community & Networking Opportunities

This may not seem as important as the previous reason but having a sense of community as an entrepreneur or employee is a strong asset. We offer an exclusive members only Facebook group where we provide advice, ideas and overall provide support for all endeavors. As well we host professional workshops and events, which are exclusively available to our members.

3. Increase in Efficiency & Creativity

This reason goes hand and hand with a professional space. By having a professional space and a creative environment surrounded by like-minded individuals, it helps drive your own creativity and efficiency. This can be hard to come by when your alone in an at-home office for 8 hours.

4. Immense Amenities

This is the added bonus of coworking that you may not necessarily receive at home. At Seedworks we offer FREE coffee, tea, filtered water, a digital imaging center, a loaded kitchenette, the largest desks among Hamilton coworking spaces, fully equipped boardroom access, events/workshops, security measures and community staff on-site. All the tools you need to grow your business and accomplish your goals.

5. Cost Effective

As an entrepreneur commercial office leases can be a big risk, they have a lot of upfront costs. Coworking allows for lower costs and higher rewards, you're able to grow your business without worrying about unnecessary costs.

6. Flexible

As discussed previously, commercial leases are risky. With coworking you have more flexibility.

Want to cancel your membership? Not a problem.

Only want to come in a few times a week/month? Not a problem, we have memberships for that.

Ditch the home office and grow your business with us at Seedworks.

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Seedworks, it’s a good place to grow.


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